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Adolescent Wellness

  • Peer to Peer program. -This volunteer, community action-oriented group is aimed a bringing high school-aged youth together to discuss social/emotional wellness and to promote wellness within our larger communities. This group focus on the evidence-based program, WhyTry.

  • Vaping cessation Program - Through a partnership with Stanford University and their Drug-Free Toolkit, we are excited to offer this two day educational program. This program offers education on vaping, e-cigarette’s, social/emotional connections to substance use, and wants to honor a life of recovery. This program also highlights guest speakers in recovery and is being utilized as a suspension alternative with local high school and middle schools. Parents of adolescents are invited to attend a one hour informational session the evening of the first day.

  • Grief Counseling - As we understand substance use has many layers of needs, we also understand that grief can be paralyzing and is not always associated with death. Grief can be the loss of a relationship, a shift in environment, a loved one seeking treatment. Our Grief counselor is a master’s level clinician trained in working with children and families.

  • Children Impacted by Substances – In collaboration with Wayside Youth and Families Support Network, SAFE is thrilled to share this Dept. Of Justice Grant which aims at provided FREE clinician care to children ages 5 – 18 who have been impacted by substance use.  Clinical care is also provided at no cost to any caretaker.

  • School Partnerships – SAFE continues to work with a host of academic communities to provide leadership support and social-emotional wellness education.

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