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Adolescent Smoking Cessation program/suspension alternative


Through a partnership with Stanford University and their Drug-Free Toolkit, we are excited to offer this two day educational program. This program offers education on vaping, e-cigarette’s, social/emotional connections to substance use, and wants to honor a life of recovery. This program also highlights guest speakers in recovery and is being utilized as a suspension alternative with local high school and middle schools. Parents of adolescents are invited to attend a one hour informational session the evening of the first day. 

Professional Development


We continue to host and go to other places of employment to share best practices, the signs of substance use, effective communication, and the importance of peer driven work. 

Doctors Round Table


We have a Doctors Round Table meeting twice annually which aims to bring local prescribers together to discuss helpful approaches to safe prescribing and to review updated state and federal guidelines. 

Student Resource Officer Police Round Table


This is a quarterly meeting where all the SRO’s from our 27 communities come together to share themes and trends they are seeing and to hear from their peers different successful approaches to the work. 

Local Treatment Providers Luncheon


This Luncheon brings local substance use, recovery, peer driven, and mental health providers together annually for a meet and greet.

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