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Services Offered

Hidden in Plain Sight room


This is a mock bedroom that is set up at the SAFE Coalition office. We welcome all those interested to come and visit this space and participate in a guided tour with a trained volunteer in what to look for in your child’s bedroom in relation to substance use. After this tour we host a conversation with the visitor about how to discuss your concerns with your loved one and the importance of healthy communication skills. 

Benefits and Employment support 


This program aims to provide support to anyone who is interested in gaining state and federal benefits, develop gainful employment, and seek MassHealth coverage. This program is lead by trained volunteers by the Social Security Administration and seeks to provide immediate support and long term employment/vocational opportunities. 

Section 35 Care


We understand how confusing and scary the section 35 process is. We offer counseling services before and after this section and in-person support at the courthouse. 

Grief Counselor


As we understand substance use has many layers of needs, we also understand that grief can be paralyzing and is not always associated with death. Grief can be the loss of a relationship, a shift in environment, a loved one seeking treatment. Our Grief counselor is a master’s level clinician trained in working with children and families.



As we have worked with many families, during times of hardship, spiritually can be challenged. We recognized how important it is to have someone to both talk about the Big questions with as well as someone to sit and pray with. Our masters level Chaplain is also an ordained Minister and seeks to provide direct care to those impacted by substance use of all faiths. 


Narcan Training (MCSR License)


We provide free Narcan training to all. All teaching volunteers are directly trained under our Medical Director and we have added a CPR component to this training. Adding CPR allows for the proper rescue breath technique as well as best approaches to decrease health risks. 

WRAP planning


Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a framework in which you can develop effective approaches to managing distressing symptoms and gain insight into behaviors. This Plan is an aid to self-care and can provide support to maintaining your own wellness. 

Medication Take Back


We have a medication take-back program at our office. You are welcome to enter our office and dispose of medications in our Deterra drug activation system pouches. No questions are asked for those looking for this resource.

Resource Manual 


“What do we do now” manual is a resource that is provided to families of those who have lost a family member to an overdose or to those who are struggling with substance use disorder and are seeking section support. The manual has been distributed in over 15 communities and has been updated three times since its conception. 



We believe that teamwork is crucial for shared learning and development. The SAFE Coalition is very open to working with school systems, faith based communities, doctors’ offices, municipalities, Fire/EMS, clinical mental health practices, and those of the like to enhance awareness around substance use disorder. 

Family One on One support


The coalition was formed out of the need for family healing. The SAFE Coalition is proud to provide one on one support to all families and family members who are looking for services or have questions about substance use. The goal is to provide multiple opportunities and options for support.

Support Line


This is a general support line that is honor from 9am-9pm Monday – Friday. All general inquires can be made through this line or at

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