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WhyTry, 10 week program

WhyTry teaches life skills through a strengths-based approach.



Per request by school system.



About the Course

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Price: $4,500


WhyTry is an evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) program. WhyTry teaches life skills critical to the future success of every child through a strengths-based approach. If a child struggles to see how the choices they are making today are having an impact on their future, they will struggle to answer the questions “why try,”… “why should I put effort into school, into work and into the important things in life?”. The goal of our program with students is to help increase resilience and decision-making awareness. We can’t always control the challenges that students face. We can, however, impact their ability to thrive amidst those challenges. In collaboration with WhyTry, at the SAFE Coalition we’ve found that the combination of strong relationships and relevant messaging is one of the best formulas for accomplishing this goal. Students can expect to learn about self-worth, emotional development, relationship building, and resiliency.

Your Instructor:
Chavelyn Santana

Chavelyn Santana

Director of Collaborative Care

Chavelyn graduated with her bachelor’s in science, in psychology. She experienced how individuals and families in need of support become marginalized. Chavelyn’s faith, passion, and sense of community are her driving force! Through Lasell University Chavelyn completed Research studies and co-authored “Affective judgement of social touch on a hand associated with hand embodiment”, which allowed her the opportunity to work with a multigenerational population. Chavelyn has completed internships at the Dept. of Children and Families, and BMC Adult Probation in Boston. She worked alongside with children, teens, and adults in their hardest and happiest moments. Chavelyn transitioned to Riverside Community Care and in various roles provided administrative and community support to the large community we worked with. Both in her professional and personal experiences has led her to the importance of empathy, connection, and empowerment to individuals in need. Believing in the mission of SAFE, Chavelyn is ready to provide a helping hand!

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