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Family Recovery

  • Learn to Cope - Learn 2 Cope is a peer facilitated support group for parents and loved ones impacted by Substance Use Disorder. This group meets once weekly.

  • Road to Recovery - Road to Recovery is a 12-step meeting for family members who are impacted by their loved one's addiction. This is a peer-run meeting that really aims to help family members create healthy boundaries and beginning healing their own wounds. This group meets every Wednesday evening.

  • Unconditional Love. - This is a peer support group for anyone impacted by substance use disorder. This group meets every Saturday morning.

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - This group is lead and run by a grandparent impacted by substance use. In partnership with the YMCA and the Commission on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, this group meets twice monthly and aims to bring Grandparents raising their grandchildren together for per support, aid in navigating the systems of care and highlight new supports.

  • Adult sibling support group – In partnership with the organization Learn 2 Cope, this one of a kind group is facilitated by our SAFE Director of Grief Services and encourages any adult impacted by their siblings substance use to attend. This group is well attended by peers all over the country!

  • Referrals – SAFE continues to provide referrals to any social services programming. 

  • Hidden in Plain Sight bedroom - This is a mock bedroom that is set up at the SAFE Coalition office. We welcome all those interested to come and visit this space and participate in a guided tour with a trained volunteer in what to look for in your child’s bedroom in relation to substance use. After this tour we host a conversation with the visitor about how to discuss your concerns with your loved one and the importance of healthy communication skills.

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