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Groups Offered

Peer to Peer Students


This is a group aimed to bring high school-aged youth together to discuss social/emotional wellness and how to manage feelings of stress and anxiety. This group focus on the evidence-based program, WhyTry.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


This group is lead and run by a grandparent impacted by substance use. In partnership with the YMCA and the Commission on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, this group meets twice monthly and aims to bring Grandparents raising their grandchildren together for per support, aid in navigating the systems of care and highlight new supports. 

Learn 2 Cope


Learn 2 Cope is a peer facilities support group for parents and loved ones impacted by Substance Use Disorder. This group meets once weekly. 

Road to Recovery


Road to Recovery is a 12-step meeting for family members who are impacted by their loved one's addiction. This is a peer-run meeting that really aims to help family members create healthy boundaries and beginning healing their own wounds. This group meets every Wednesday evening.

Unconditional Love


This is a peer support group for anyone impacted by substance use disorder. This group meets every Saturday morning. 

Yoga 12 Step Recovery


This evidence-based program is a blend of the traditional 12 steps with the mindfulness work of yoga. This class is hosted weekly by a yoga certified and Y12R certified instructor.

Caring for the Caregiver


This is a peer-run support group which meets monthly to address the challenges and gifts that we hold as caregivers. This group focuses on the self. 

Teen Mindfulness - (Ages 12-18)


This class is ideal for teenagers who are seeking healthy coping skills. Each month, participants will learn different mindfulness skills to help them manage stress, anxiety, and other aspects of social/emotional health. Sample activities include mindfulness meditation, relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, journaling, art, and more. Class is open to all teens, whether struggling with substance use or taken as preventative.

Friends & Family Mindfulness


Does someone you love suffer from substance use disorder? Are you constantly worrying? Take an hour for self-care once a month and learn mindfulness tools to help you manage your emotions. Participants will engage in mindfulness meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, and more, in a supportive environment. This workshop is open to anyone ages 18+.

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