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Marketing Materials for the Tree of Life Fundraiser

Thank you for your support in sharing our Tree of Life fundraiser. Our goal is to highlight the opportunity to purchase an engraved leaf, while also educating our community on the incredible range of services we offer to our community. Our hope is the resources below will make it easy and enjoyable for you to help inform your network and community of the opportunity to donate to this unique cause. If you have any questions, please let us know and we again thank you for your support. 


Community Relations/ Fundraising Committee 

Anne Bergen, Val Comerford and Mary Graham-Louise 


1. Hand out brochures (please let us know if you need more and we can send you some!) 

2. Share a post on Facebook using our social media graphics and captions 

3. Make an Instagram post 

4. Share the video on social media or in an e-mail to friends or family 

5. Share a story of how SAFE has impacted you and your life and share a link to the fundraiser 

6. Highlight a newsworthy item from SAFE showcasing the great work we are doing in the community (links here) and add a link to the fundraiser when sharing

7. Ask your faith-based community if they can include a write up about the fundraiser in their newsletter, or have it included in a weekly sermon 

8. Reach out to one local business to ask if you can drop off brochures about the fundraiser or ask if they would be interested in donating a leaf 

9. Speak to your hobby or interest clubs about pulling together funds to donate a leaf, or asking them to share the fundraiser with their network 

10.   Ask to share information at your workplace and create a display including brochures, leaving your contact information if anyone should have questions 


Please click on image and right click on image to save and download. 

social media graphics



We are excited to share our latest fundraising initiative, designed to honor those we have lost and the courageous souls, who in their recovery, serve as beacons to those not quite there yet. Our tree, comprising of 156 engraved leaves, will serve as a visual reminder of the important mission of the SAFE Coalition.


Your leaf can help us continue to support our community with programs like our Peer to Peer Program, our Vaping Cessation Program, Grief Counseling, Children Impacted by Substances Counseling, Learn to Cope Program, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Support, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Narcan/CPR Training, Diaper Bank, 12 Step Meetings and so much more.


A purchased leaf will help provide vital support for individuals and families faced with substance misuse and mental health challenges. Be a part of this special fundraiser and share in the celebration of life by visiting and purchasing your leaf today.

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