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James Derick

Director of Family Recovery | Co-Founder

Jim Derick is a parent who knows about the devastating impact of Substance Use Disorder. His son Jack battled this illness for over 15 years and it was this struggle that led Jim to help form SAFE.  On July 15, 2022 Jack died of an accidental overdose.  Jim remains committed to helping families impacted by mental health and substance misuse challenges.  


Jim spent 22 years in the risk management field.  In 2015 he co-founded SAFE and was elected as its' first president.  Jim dedicates most of his time to family recovery and is furthering his education at Hartford Family Institute to become certified in body-centered psychotherapy.


Jim is a facilitator for Road to Recovery, a 12-step support program for family members and Learn to Cope, a support group for families and loved ones impacted by Substance Use Disorder.  Jim also serves on the Franklin Public Schools Substance Abuse Task Force. 

James Derick
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