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3 New Summer Programs Launch for Area Teens

Teen Drop-in is one of 3 summer programs helping teens find community and build social-emotional tools for resiliency. For registration for all programs, click here. 

SAFE is kicking off the summer with three programs designed specifically for teens to make friends while building vital emotional life skills. Designed around workshops and conversations in small group settings, the programs, designed and run by our team of adolescent leadership and outreach experts, are completely free to attend. 

SAFE’s Teen Drop-in Center (Thursdays 10-noon) is providing a safe space for teens to build community and develop practical strategies for regaining and sustaining their own wellness. The interactive course will follow the widely used WRAP method (wellness recovery action plan). This group is geared toward sharing, processing, and growing in community. We’ll host snacks, games and activities as we work to form our WRAP action plans together. Runs 5 weeks starting July 11.

Our Summer Teen Girls Program (Tuesdays 3-4pm) and Teen Male Mentorship Program (Mondays 3-4pm) are group mentorships helping teens develop deeper understandings of themselves, expand their wellness toolbox, learn how to foster responsible decision making, and build a supportive network of peers. We’re offering a safe and fun space to join guest speakers, workshops, guided discussions, and activities that help navigate challenges and develop skills and resources to thrive. This program will also integrate elements of WRAP to help participants build resilience, self-confidence, and adaptability. Runs 6 weeks starting June 24th.

What is WRAP? Developed in 1997 by people impacted by mental health recovery, WRAP is a process that helps people build social-emotional and life strategies, maintain positive mental health, and achieve their goals. WRAP has been used in all 50 states and 15 countries around the world. It’s been extensively adapted for use with all kinds of life issues, expanding well beyond mental health. Today, it is a cornerstone of health programs all over the world.

As a learning tool, WRAP helps people grow their sense of personal responsibility, learn to self-advocate for what they need, and become accepting of support from others. For young adults, this can be crucial. The program is elastic, allowing you to modify it as you change and grow, particularly useful for young people. As the program organization AHP puts it, “You can change your WRAP as you grow. It’s yours, and you can use it to make positive changes in your life.”

WRAP can help with a variety of social-emotional situations including dealing with uncomfortable feelings or thoughts, managing stress, starting or ending relationships, making friends, managing home and family challenges, and navigating peer pressure.

It can also help build tools that aid important life skills like Managing schoolwork, starting a new school or job, handling stress at work, and dealing with a serious injury.

Sign-up for our summer programs is already underway! Visit our sign-up page or email us with questions.


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